From Hunger to Hope

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From Hunger to Hope

just click this link.
for those who concern.


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hey guys. i'm back!
well how long have i've been gone? 5 months? or more.
well there's million of story to share with you guys.
where should i start....


yeah. the new trends around my place is playing saidina. remember that game? it's kinda similiar as monopoly gameboard. the diffrent is that the game is in malaysia version. better more it's fun. yeah it's a kid's game. but were once a kid. so it's not wrong to feel and live like a kid once in awhile right?

it is a very2 addicted game. me and my friends play like every night and everywhere.
just name the place! mamak! restaurant! on the side of the road! almost everywhere.
haha. it is fun.. you guys should try it.

saidina the new era!